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Sports Communicator

Corporate Voiceover


They call him The Coach

The Coach is the man. He releases the frustrated expert in all of us, living the dream on our behalf. He is ‘the inside word’ on what it’s like to have the world’s sporting mega-stars knocking on your door for advice on technique, lifestyle and how to score!

He is access all areas…he runs with the wolves and hunts with the hounds…he’s a rough diamond… a loveable rogue…a man about town…a man’s man…a ladies’ man…a man for all seasons…a jack of all trades…and a loose cannon.

He’s a man who has risen to the top of the world’s sporting pinnacles through sheer brilliance and a rare insight into the art of success.

He holds the world’s greatest sporting secrets in one hand and the key to sporting glory in the other.

The Coach is the conduit for the average fan on the street.

If you are famous and you are not a close personal friend of the coach then you haven’t really made it…

The Coach gets behind the scenes of world professional sport…but it’s more than just locker room talk its kitchen talk, bedroom talk and at times a little trash talk.


The Coach is about famous people and their famous lives. ‘We’love to get insights into what it would be like to command the universal respect and adulation of a Tiger Woods, a Steve Waugh or a Michael Phelps


The Coach provides ‘us’ average people in the street with those once in a lifetime chance meetings with the legends of world sport.

The Coach very rarely is caught doing any actual coaching these days as he’ been there and done that… He’s more of a media sports consultant/personality/communicator.


Why is he called The Coach then? It’s sort of like and old general who isn’t in the army anymore and doesn’t go to war but whose experience is invaluable and they still call him The General.